All images, unless otherwise attributed, © 2016-2019 Michael E. Pitts
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Photo by C. Eric Powell

Artist's Statement:

I like trees.


Mountains too. I'm fond of most rivers, some lakes and few ponds. I prefer the Atlantic to the Pacific, forest to desert and winter to summer, but I love fall most of all.

I see photography as an art of compromise. Rarely do mountains listen when I direct them, nor the Sun feel obliged to give me the time of day. I find that my best work comes when I listen to what the world is giving me, instead of telling it what I want.

Film & digital.

I hope you enjoy.





Michael's first experience with a camera was as a production assistant to a production company that focused on laser shows for musical concerts and events while in college. It was there that Michael first discovered his love for photography, documenting the shows for the company's website and social media. 

From there Michael bought his first camera and set off on his own. Along the way Michael dabbled in street and portrait photography, but found that landscape and nature photography was where his heart truly lay.